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Cartridge Devices & Batteries

Cartridge Devices & Batteries

Uncle Stu’s in known to carry a large selection of vape pens and vape batteries. 5-10 thread all the way to the thicker cartridges we will have a device that will work with your cartridge! From devices that have battery life to last 2 full days to concealed devices to protect your cart! Temperature and preheat settings are also included in most of our vape pens.

Cartridge Batteries Available at Uncle Stu's Aurora

The Slim battery is the most common sought out battery for a cartridge. Pen like design and will fit all size cartridges with temperature settings. Or, maybe you maybe looking for a device to conceal your product! The iThor and GT800 will be perfect for you! Adjustable wattage settings and will show your the battery life. At our vape shop we have over 15 different brands so you will be able to find the right set up!

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