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We are beyond blessed to have such an awesome staff. We strive to sever Aurora the best we can. We love the community and all the people in it!

Tyler S.

Tyler is our new salesman at Uncle Stu's Smoke & Vape. He has all the knowledge you would need to help with all our local loyal customers.

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Isaac C.

I work at stus for the simplicity of the fact that glass is an art. Amongst helping people with CBD and Kratom, which are natural alternatives which have helped me personally. I enjoy spending my free time skateboarding or exploring for new music. Always looking for new knowledge and to keep things simple. -isaac

Jason B.

I love working at Uncle Stu's because of the amazing customers, great vibes, and great management and ownership. Being a former customer I had a lot of love for this store and working here has been even better. My favorite part of my job is being able to help our customers leave this store having had a great experience. Some of my favorite products are our CBD products. It is a great feeling seeing these products help our customers. - jason


I like working here because of awesome customers. Also the management is always behind their employees. It’s fun to unwrap new products too. Overall the atmosphere is always great and you can definitely tell there’s never any negative vibes. - DJ

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