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Why is vaping a safer and healthier alternative to smoking?

Benzene 2-naphthylamine 4-aminobiphenyl Chromium Cadmium Vinyl chloride Ethylene oxide Arsenic Beryllium Nickel Polonium-210. These are just a few of hundreds ingredients found in cigarettes. Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural and artificial flavorings and nicotine by choice are the handful of ingredients found in vape juice. Comparing the two just off of the ingredients alone should be an eye opener to how much more safer vaping is to cigarettes.

Vaping leaves no tar or residue behind and the scent does no stay on your hands, breath or clothes. Since being opened nearly 3 years now we have come to find a significantly high turn rate of smokers converting to vaping. When it even comes to people's taste and scent pallets returning back to normal. We will always encourage you here to keep trying to lower your nicotine level until you reach zero! Always check with your doctor before trying anything you would think might affect your health like allergies.

Also vaping is so much more inexpensive compared to smoking cigarettes. If you smoke ½ pack of cigarettes a day and that means 4 packs a week which is around $40. For vaping if you wanted to keep the same nicotine level you would be spending $15 on ejuice for at least 3-4 weeks. Also coils (the filter for your tank) you would need 2 packs a month give or take which is $30. So $45 to last you a month when you would be spending around $160 on cigarettes a month. That’s more than 65% savings!! So not only is it helping your wallet but also most importantly your health.

There are so many devices available to fit your specific taste when it comes to vape production. We specifically carry many products that are easy to use but discret. If you ever have any questions on the device, juice or anything else when it comes to quit cigarettes feel free to stop in our shop or give us a call at (630) 873-0094.

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