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What is CBDV?

At Uncle Stu's Aurora you have to know we take our CBD section very seriously. We have the most brands to chose from in the Chicagoland area. We have been more than curious to find out what all of the other cannabinoids benefits assist with. One cannabinoid in particular was CBDV. Our simple version of explaining it! This cannabinoid was always next to CBN plus CBDA on product packaging and pamphlets. Gave us a hint that this cannabinoid was very beneficial. The most common definition for CBDV is it helps muscles spasms, convulsions, seizures and more. BUT WHY? Also what does the V stand for? Long story short of my Google searches this cannabinoid attaches to the TPVR1 receptor (again big words mad smaller) which is the main pain receptor. This receptor I'm nicknaming 'Danger Receptor' because it tells you when you over heat or your about to touch a hot surface. That feeling your brain sends out before you touch a candle. Also even with our senses like sent! When we smell something very spicy or maybe even a chemical or perfume this receptor will send the signal to be careful because what you may have smelled could be dangerous. This is wonderful that this cannabinoid helps strengthen this receptor to work to its full potential. There is always so much to learn when it comes to cannabinods. It's not just CBD now! There are over 115 cannabinoids and they all have some benefit to working with our ECS (endocannabinoidsystem)
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