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Vaping CBD 101

When it comes to the different forms of CBD vaping is one of our customers top favorite ways to go. With the CBD market exploding with new companies and it gaining popularity in its name alone it might make it difficult to be able to chose a product. Unfortunately CBD companies are landing in gas stations and places like Walgreens where you can't receive the valuable knowledge of the products and not know which brands contain what. Here at Uncle Stu's Aurora we TRULY strive to carry only the top quality brands and products for our customers. Deciding weather or not you'd like to add your own jucie to mix in flavor or something that is already prefilled to vape would be the first step. Brands to be able to mix with your own vape would be Hmplucid, CBDfX, CBD Lion, Naked100 CBD, and Jam Monster CBD. Prefilled disposable pens with CBD and Terpenes brands we carry would be CBD Lion, K.O CBD, Green Lotus Hemp CBD, CBDfX and Koi CBD. Stop in to sample a CBD cartridge.
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