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Vaping and whats been in the news.

Welcome Stu's Crew! We love to touch some light on what has been going around through the local and national news. There has been 6 reported deaths that have an association with vaping. We are going to try explaining our views as simple as possible. Every year there are over a half a million people in which cigarettes is the responsibility of death. Every YEAR. Last year our shop was hit with a 21+ age limit to be able to enter a tobacco shop or purchase products. Within itself limits sales to minors on our end. We know all of the reported cases of deaths from "vaping" have also all used illegally bought THC cartridges / vape products that are cut. You should never do anything in excess or an over amount. Limit everything you put into your body that is not natural. Chemicals and poisoning kill over 100,000 kids a year. Let this all sink in and we would to get a discussion going. With the government more involved even our social media posts are getting limited and less viewed and taken down when it comes to vaping, CBD and Kratom. Please read and return to our Facebook comments and let us known what you think!
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