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Uncle Stu's Crew

We would love for you to get to know the staff better! In order from left to right.

Maggie- Maggie loves teaching customers about CBD. It's her favorite things to sell besides glass. She has a huge heart for dogs and does the social media for our location.

Tyler- Tyler has been here for 3 years and is a veteran at vaping. He has tried almost every juice and device out there. He also really enjoys Kratom, he enjoys a serving every day at work. He has great knowledge on different Kratom strains as well! Tyler can also out game anyone online!

Isaac- Isaac is very helpful on explaining information on all of our products. He knows about an abundance of glass blowers and an incredible amount of knowledge on glass function. He also loves to skateboard!

JC(not photoed)- JC has been here for one year and has become our store manager. He is very great at helping get in products. He loves helping customers with vape related products! He also is a father and loves his family the most! 

Jonah- Owner of our shop Jonah! He opened this shop when he was 20 years old! He is very passionate about business and giving the best customer service. He strives to make all customers happy! Go ahead an challenge him to a game of pool!

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