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Torn Meniscus & CBD

Recently here at Uncle Stu's Smoke and Vape Aurora we have been getting a lot of questions on how CBD might be able to relive pain and assist with it. From the research I've been conducting through contacting a few companies whose products we carry and or online research here is what I discovered! CBD will be a great use to help the pain and effects from the pain to decrease. What I find would be the best solution would be Full or Broad spectrum CBD. These products will contain way more cannabinoids which would be more beneficial in this case. We've talked about the difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate but to briefly touch on the difference between the three this is what separates them:

  • Full Spectrum contains all the cannabinoids from the plant including the health omega 3&6's and .03% THC
  • Broad Spectrum contains all the cannabinoids minus THC but will still contain the healthy fats
  • CBD Isolate will just only be one cannabinoids CBD
More cannabinoids for instance would be CBDV which is a great cannabinoid for muscle pain, tension and RLS. CBN and CBA which also do an immense amount of help with inflammation as well as, bone health and restoration. Inflammation can lead to many more problems and can be the root cause of a lot of illnesses. With a torn meniscus there will be persistent inflammation which again lead to chronic illness. CBD helps to relieve pain by preserving Anandamide also known as the “bliss molecule”. Anandamide comprises a short-lived endocannabinoid discharged by neurons, which disintegrates fairly rapidly within the body. This molecule is vital as it aids to control our mood, appetite, inflammation, memory, and pain. Two endogenous cannabinoids normally exist within our body known as Anandamide and 2-Arachidonoylglycerol better referenced as (2AG). These 2 endocannabinoids are vital for our mental and immune hygiene, along with how nicely we handle stress. They also serve to maintain homeostatic balance. Remember that CBD needs to be built up in your system if you just started taking it whether you've taken in THC or Hemp Oil. Even when we change our shampoos we are suppose to wait 30 days to see a difference. It naturally takes our bodies and mind a while to adjust to a new habit and heal itself. 
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