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Kratom Story Time

If you have been to Uncle Stu's Smoke and Vape Aurora you will know we are known for a lot of products. CBD, we have a gargantuan amount. Vape juice and devices, one of a kind bongs and rigs, accessories and way more however, one of the main things we think we are known for is Kratom. We still have so many new Kratom customers who have never ever heard of it or have hear some good or confusing stories on it. The biggest question our customers have is if it is right for them. We always suggest doing some research or even consulting your doctor before starting a new routine to your lifestyle to make sure it wont throw anything off. Everyone is different keep this in mind with everything, what effects "Joe a 250lb 6"8 man" might effect me a 140lb 5"8 women differently. How I preferred taking Kratom for the first months I took it I kept a journal to help to find what strains works with my body and trial and error of weight. You may weight something to less of the amount you need. A huge thing to remember is that we are so use to looking at a bottle and it telling us how many pills to take if your an adult over 12yrs. If you are doing anything for medicinal purposes than it is a great idea to have one to keep track of how many grams helped with a certain situation or what strain works best for "so & so".  Recently Tyler took Green Swag powder. Tyler takes Kratom everyday and is known as our Kratom guru. He was having an awful morning and his body was aching in pain. Playing sports in high school and being currently physically active is catching up with his muscles. His back was hurting the most that day which when he is in that much pain he does not want to eat. This can lead to your mood starting to decrease in serotonin. Luckily the strain he took actually salivated his mouth and he began feeling it kick in immediately. Within an hour he had found relief! Let us know if Tyler's story sounds similar to yours.
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