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Kratom restock!

We are so excited always when we restock on Kratom and especially when we get new strains in! Here at Uncle Stu's Smoke and Vape Aurora we have seen Kratom make a difference in many peoples lifestyles and habits. Anxiety, sleeping problems and most importantly pain. People who suffer with extreme amounts of pain may turn to otc drugs or prescription. With these pills having bad side effects plus always the chance of over dosing with medications in max strength Kratom can be a safer and all natural option. Unfortunately people getting off harder drugs like heroin this plant has proven to help. It is loaded with alkaloids which are are natural pain killers which also can give a sedative or euphoric feeling. Which are helpful with sleep or depression as well. Commonly asked if what is the difference between one strain from the other. Hopefully you have read our past blogs and are familiar with what the colors mean for Kratom. For this example lets just say some one has asked me what the  difference between White Bali, White Thai and White Maeng Da is. My answer is simply this and will be the same about any strain comparison question. "Everyone is different." I try to collect the most customer feedback from people about the strains they have tried. So I will always have a majority opinion about which they are asking for. You might experience a headache with one strain, or a bitter taste with the other. OR on the positive side one might be the strain that works perfect, the power is a little moist still and leaves you feeling 100%. Maybe one strain helps better with migraines or better with the pain in your back. You may always split up your orders by 1/2 oz so you can try more than one. Come in and check out the new Kraom strains here!
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