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Kratom capsules

Kratom (cray-tom) is mostly taken orally with loose powder or mixed with tea or food. Another great option to get the benefits of Kratom in the convince of a capsule. One capsule is around .5grams including the capsule itself. Two capsules will equal out 1 gram. It has a lot of benefits of being taken easy and quick. Also a few people do not care for the taste of Kratom but the method will help. Also our prices have lowered on capsules! Capsules are a little more expensive than powder for the reasoning of capsule itself is a few cents more. Red, White and Green strains are available. Kratom is a natural way to help with pain, anxiety and increase energy. * 10+ new strains available*


This 4/20 (Saturday) we have a sale on Kratom and will also be distributing samples!. We also have a Kratom directory in our store loaded with information and our staff is always happy to help with any questions you may have!

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