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How can CBD benefit athletes.

CBD can really help benefit athletes or people who do physical activities. When it comes to heart health, inflammation in the muscles or joint pain.There is a lot of stress that is put on people's body from stress and working out to competing. It will also assist in sleep and calm your gut. There are other cannabinoids that assist in inflammation and joint pain. Of course staying hydrated is important, people can also add their CBD to their water or Hemp Seed oil with CBD to their protein drink! Hemp Seed oil is loaded with healthy omega 3 & 6’s and protein. CBD will help your hearts health which is important because your heart is the most worked out muscle. CDBA is a cannabinoid that will help the most next to CBD when it comes to reducing inflammation. After putting strain on your muscles will naturally cause inflammation and CBD is a great alternative to non-steroid over the counter drugs like Ibuprofen and Advil. Plus its most common effect is bringing relaxation.

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