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Hashimoto Thyroid and CBD

Hello Stu's Crew!

Lets first that the number one thing we love doing here is helping others, period! When our customers come in and talk to us about using CBD we listen. Recently I had someone recently diagnosed with Hasimoto Thyroid disease and instead of just saying " yes CBD would help!" we did some research as promised and here is what I found!


First lets get a common understanding on what Hashimoto Thyroid disease is. According to Medicinenet.com; is a condition casued by inflammation of the thyroid gland. It is an autoimmune disease, which means that the body inappropriately attacks the thyroid gland - as if it was foreign tissue.

The main word here I see in connection with CBD is INFLAMMATION. CBD and many other cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory compounds. The more inflammation you can reduce in your body the more beneficial changes you'll start noticing whether its mood, physical changes or over all well being. Inflammation is the bodys worst enemy. It eventually will cause a loss of function to whichever area may be affected in the body. Of course we never state any claims or say we have the answer or cure. Just hours of researching and studying CBD and cannabinoids. We do encourage the use of CBD to help reduce inflammation and potentially looking into a brand we carry Pachamama CBD which has a full spectrum line of tinctures with a combination of exclusive super foods that may also help as well! Stop in for any questions and thank you for reading as always!

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