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CBD & pets

Here at Uncle Stu's Aurora we carry a large selection of CBD brands and products for cats, dogs and horses of all ages. CBD for animal will help with benefits that also apply with humans. Weather it is for anxiety with separation, thunder storms, fire works or any other kind. Other benefits include, restoration of bone health, healthy skin and coat, plus healthy vision and many more benefits. Consistency is key even like us humans. The more we use CBD the better and faster it will work the next time we take it because its in our system. There are many different CBD products for dogs and cats we carry here. Tinctures or oil you can apply on their gums or lips and also available in spray form. Biscuits and chewy treats, capsules and even peanut butter! Thank you for reading and any questions feel free to stop by or give us a call at (630) 873-0094
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