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CBD and Skin Care


There are a lot of topical products that will help externally and internally when it comes to skin care. CBD will help with inflammation which can clear acne and red puffiness. Blue Ridge Hemp company has a wonderful shower scrub that leaves your skin smooth as can be! It comes in a variety of ingredients. A coconut or coffee infused scrub or a turmeric and neem scrub. Plus will exfoliate dead skin cells on the body. Not only can CBD lotion and creams help with pain but also the health of your skin with most topicals being loaded with vitamins. Also some research has found that CBD topicals can help with scaring.  Here is a clip of an article we read online. “Another significant benefit of CBD oil is that it has been found to soothe sensitive skin, and studies indicate that it may even be able to help inhibit certain triggers of disorders like psoriasis and improve eczema-prone skin. Again, far more research is needed, but what exists certainly looks promising, and researchers speculate it all comes down to CBD’s substantial skin-calming and skin-normalizing effects.” -Read more at Paulachoice.com

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